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Shorts are available in several styles - jersey (knee length or shortie length, and also cycling short style), and woven cotton. All styles are unisex.

Jersey shorts are casual comfy shorts, and you can choose from two lengths. There's also the option of cycling shorts, which are very similar in cut to our leggings but are shorter!

Woven cotton shorts are the smartest option. They have a stretchy enclosed elastic waistband and come to just above the knee. Perfect for playtime! 

Available in sizes 6-12 months all the way up to 12 years. (Jersey shorts start at preemie size, cycling shorts start at 0-3 months). Prices increase with size; please note the prices shown are for the smallest sizes (up to age 3) - please click on the shorts you're interested in and find your child's size for an accurate price.

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