Refer a Friend

Recommend Pink Bobbins to a friend and they'll receive 10% off their next order. 

And what's more - so will you! 

Your friend just needs to tell us your name, to obtain a unique code. They can complete the form below. Or they can also order with the discount via Facebook or Instagram by simply mentioning your name. 

When they make a purchase, we will contact you with a unique code for yourself to use. 

The small print: 

  • 10% off codes have one use, you can use one per transaction, and they expire within 3 months. 
  • If you recommend a friend but haven't ordered before I won't have a record of your name. Therefore when your friend mentions your name I will need to contact you to confirm the recommendation. You may contact me first!
  • You can recommend as many friends as you like! You will receive a code each time a friend makes a purchase. Remember you can use one per order.
  • We unfortunately will not backdate referalls/discounts - so make sure you obtain the code prior to ordering!
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